Carapace Arts
Sculpture & Bronze Casting 

Carapace Arts is Mark Stevenson and Sara Ybarra Lopez (formerly Sarah Ohman), artists.
Most of what you will see here is our own art work.
We also make molds and cast sculpture into bronze for others.

A turtle's upper shell is called the carapace.
We call ourselves Carapace Arts because of our enduring interest in the forces that mold the surface of this earth, and the intersection of earth's forms with human imagination, culminating in the series Turtle Island.

Turtle Island II

Mark's Art

Sara's Art
Sara's Mixed Media Work
Sara's Mixed Media

Galatea:Heart of Port Townsend, by Sara Ybarra Lopez
by Sara Ybarra Lopez

Molds & Castings
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Mark Stevenson
Sara Ybarra Lopez

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